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  • I feel with these guys in some way, it’s probably not easy to deal with the frequent updates of the big social-media players. But on the other hand I never spent more money on a plugin. And it just won’t work.

    I spent most of the time looking after failed auto-posts, dealing with re-authentication and what really makes it frustrating is the total abscence of an error-log.

    What this plugin also REALLLYYYY needs is some sort of image checker (or better: let you choose which image in which already-converted WordPress image size goes where / choose automatically an appropiate image size instead of failing to post). Lots of my posts failed due to improper image size or in a confusing manner Blog2Social justs picked the wrong image, e.g. from the Rich Snippet or the Feature Image. But I won’t even know that unless I tried & failed. Why not tell users in the interface?

    The sales page won’t tell you that auto-posting on social media these days is a complicated and involved process, Blog2Social isn’t responsible for that. But they’re selling this plugin like “one-click-install-go”, which definitely isn’t the case either. On top, their support is friendly and tries to deal with all issues but it takes so long to get an answer that it’s frustrating as well.

    At the current state of this plugin: Won’t buy again.

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    Hello @bortran,
    thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear your opinion. Our support team usually replies to all support requests within 24 hours during workdays. Individual cases which involve complex testing may take a little longer, as our team always tries to get to the depth of each case. However, we do understand that you are annoyed by failed posts and re-authentication we are keen to get you going as expected.

    If a post could not be shared on a specific network, you will find an error-log in the “Notification” tab.
    Some networks require re-authentication at regular intervals for security reasons.

    Posts may fail due to images sizes. However, Blog2Social has no control over your images. By default, social networks include the image that is defined in your meta tags, if this image meets the general requirements for the network. If an image does not meet the general requirements, it happens that posts are rejected or another image from your website is displayed with your post.

    To give you complete control of your shared images, Blog2Social enables you to select any image from your post or your media library or you can even define or edit the meta tag parameters in your post settings. If there is still a mismatch of shared images, please make sure to check whether you use any other SEO or Rich Snippet plugin which defines your OG parameters or your featured images.

    If you select an image for your social media posts, a notice will display the general network requirements for your image. Blog2Social then adapts or resizes to the best format for each network. However, Blog2Social can only adapt images that meet the general requirements for social networks.

    We would be happy to re-test your specific issue as this is not a general case. If you provide us with more information and examples for images that could not be sent or were not sent as you expected, we are sure to solve this issue for you.

    Best regards

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