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  • fjkuypers


    The new so called interface is very cumbersome and a step BACK from what we had.
    It is def not even close to WYSIWYG…. when one publishes the new page. Pfff
    If the final release can postponed till the year 2318 than that would be much appreciated.

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  • Courtney P.K.


    Would you mind sharing some more feedback on specific aspects of Gutenberg that feel cumbersome to you? How can it be improved, in your opinion?

    If you prefer the classic editing experience, you can try using the Classic Editor Plugin:

    If you’d like to report specific issues in Gutenberg, please log an issue on the GitHub repo:




    First of all, it is not even close to WYSIWYG when producing a new page. After looking at the published version the layout is “different” all of a sudden.

    Inserting media is a step back to what we had with the classic editor.
    One now has to pre-select what type of media is to be inserted.

    The whole block concept makes making a lay-out more complex, or certain things can not be combined as in the past.

    It provides more, un-asked-for, overhead.

    When one does want to make a good new editor, look at what the competition is doing… take that as a ref point.

    I do understand what is done here is “free” , by volunteers and that has it’s consequences, but bring a mature solution and not a half-baked bread.
    Do not handicap the installed base….

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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