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  • I’ve spent some time modifying the PHP files for the CubePoints system that runs the custom points ♥Hearts♥ subsystems in order to allow a custom singular and plural name for Points. So instead of seeing “Points” almost everywhere and “♥Hearts♥” in only a few places, any site using this mod can quickly customize the words to use instead of “Point” or “Points”. You can use mixed case, include special characters, or use custom brackets. Here are some ideas to get you thinking, see below for my modified files of the first full version.


    You received $100 Dollars as a gift!

    You received €100 €uros as a gift!

    [Silver Moons]
    [Silver Moon]
    You received 100 [Silver Moons] as a gift!

    You received ♥100♥ ♥Hearts♥ as a gift!

    You received -+=[100]=+- -+=[HEX]=+- as a gift!

    Although I admit the last one looks rather silly, you’d need an awesome font to pull that off.

    I am happy enough with the results and final fixes I put in place to release this for Alpha testing. Seriously, back everything up before testing! Do not use on a Production site! I hacked this together into the complicated codebase by hand mostly, making decision after decision on how to properly integrate the new option. I have fixed countless issues and there will be more, participation from coders is welcome. I’d like to see this option in the official codebase eventually!

    In these ZIPs I have only put the changed files, except for the GPL license file which I left intact. Otherwise non-modified files are NOT included, meaning you need to have CubePoints (and CubePoints Buddypress if desired) installed and working before you upload these MOD files.

    The only database changes are two new entries for cp_name_single and cp_name_plural for storing your text strings. If you revert to an older version it will most likely just ignore the extra config entries, as the original code does not reference them at all.

    Please do not spread the files or hot link to them, instead link to my site; if there are major issues I’d rather new and returning users get the latest files and info. Note: there is no adult content on my site yet despite the warning that comes up, there will be NSFW items there eventually however.

    Questions comments, etc welcome!


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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