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CSV User Import – How to add first password?

  • I activated CSV User Import plugin. It tells me:
    The CSV file should be in the following format:
    firstname, lastname, username, password (plain text), email address

    These are new users (members of a Yoga teachers association). I will get the .csv by exporting the teachers data from a Filemaker Pro database. The teachers won’t know their passwords to start. What is a good way to give them all an initial temporary password that they will be able to change later? Once they are identified as subscribers, they will have access to members-only pages.

    I plan to have directory of users manually replaced by the wp-admin on a monthly basis.



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  • Plugin Author Andy Dunn


    Hi there,

    The best thing would be to set the password within your CSV file using something like Excel, then export that as .csv before importing with the script.

    The other option (if you’re familiar with PHP) would be to hardcode the password within the importation script, and it will get saved for each user.

    If you’re stuck I can do that for you, just let me know.



    Andy, Thank for the reply. Up until now, members have had a very simple password and all used the same password (I know, that is lousy security). As I would prefer to not hard code PHP, I think we could insert a field into the FMP database, put that password in each record, export from FMP to XLS, rename it as .csv, import that using your plugin–and then encourage the members to change their passwords to something more secure using WordPress. If there is a better approach, I would welcome your guidance. Thank you.

    Plugin Author Andy Dunn


    Aside from modifying the PHP script itself, I think what you’re suggesting is the next best alternative.


    Andy, I’ve encountered a problem with the plugin. Hope you can please tell me what I may have done to cause it. I had had 705 Subscribers in my WP database (along with 5 admins and 1 editor). After backing up the database (for safekeeping), I delete all subscribers, leaving 6 users. Then I set up a test .csv that had first name, last name, user name, email address. It took a very long time to import the short list of just 10 users, but it said it was successful. But no subscribers were added to the user list.

    One thing that concerned me: The WordPress User screen displays:
    username, name, email, role.

    How do first name and last name fields get combined into the name field?

    FYI, since our members were accustomed to using their email addresses for their IDs and only one universal (non-customized) password, we added the field in the csv for the user name to match the email address and the field for the password to contain the universal password.

    Would having had separate fields for firstname and lastname have caused the users to not be properly imported?

    Thanks for your help!

    Plugin Author Andy Dunn


    Hi there,

    Have replied to your email now.



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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