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    Thanks for a very useful plugin.
    I have unfortunately discovered an annoying bug.
    When using multisite (possibly also on single blog) the link to csv files on public lists has the wrong url.
    Where it should be: it outputs

    I did som debugging and localized the bug to amr_users_get_csv_url (amr-users-csv.php:172). Line 175 reads:
    $csvurl = str_replace($upload_dir,$upload_url, $csvfile); // get the part after theupload dir
    this is clearly wrong, since $upload_dir = wp_upload_dir() is an array and $upload_url = $upload_dir['baseurl'] is a string.

    I suppose it should read:
    $csvurl = str_replace($upload_dir['basedir'],$upload_dir['baseurl'], $csvfile); // get the part after theupload dir

    Replacing the basedir (local filesystem path) part of $csvfile with baseurl (url to uploads directory).

    However, also this would fail on multisite, since it appears that csv-files are placed under /wp-content/uploads/users_csv/ and not in the blog-specific upload directories /wp-content/blogs.dir/X/files (actual directory, X is blog id) accessible at SUBBLOGURL/files (public url) which are what wp_upload_dir() will return for a specific blog in a multisite install (as basedir and baseurl)

    Maybe there is a good reason for using this special directory though since four lines in amr_users_get_csv_path (amr-users-csv.php:152-155) specifically rewrites the upload path from blog-specific values to “/wp-content/uploads/users_csv/”. In that case, I guess the fix that is needed only concerns amr_users_get_csv_url where this special directory should be used instead of the blog specific ones.

    Anders Johansson

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  • Plugin Author anmari


    Hi Anders

    tack så mycket

    Will have a fix up soon.

    Plugin Author anmari


    Meant to have this up soon – had Internet and pc hiccups … anyway now there – see version 3.5.

    Please let me know asap if you find a problem. I have the link working fine forpublic lists on subsites my local multisite install

    It works great on both my local test site and the live site. Thanks!

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