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  • I created a template working for v3.1.x. Just upgraded the core to 3.2 and found the template no longer working.

    Skipped 3 posts (most likely due to empty title, body and excerpt).
    Imported 0 posts and 0 comments in 0.00 seconds.

    Here is the CSV file

    “csv_post_title”;”csv_post_post”;”csv_post_type”;”csv_post_tags”;”csv_post_date”;”Thumbnail”;”Folder”;”SKU”;”SKURL”;”Zip File”
    “Make It Big Lmao”;”A science is said to be useful if its development tends to accentuate the existing inequalities in the destribution of wealth, or more directly promotes the destruction of human life. — G.H. Hardy”;”post”;”black”;”+1 week”;”../gallery/fashion/toto10-black/L6044_Black_1.jpg”;”toto10-black”;”L6044″;”../store/search.php?search_query=L6044″;””
    “I Dont Like That Man”;”A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain. — Mark Twain — US humorist, novelist, short story author, & wit (1835 – 1910)”;”post”;”black”;”+1 week”;”../gallery/fashion/toto10-black/L6056_Black_1.jpg”;”toto10-black”;”L6056″;”../store/search.php?search_query=L6056″;””

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  • jacco: Your csv file has semicolons instead of commas as separators. That doesn’t have anything to do with WP 3.2 🙂

    I can confirm that CSV-Importer works with 3.2 😉



    Thanks for such a wonderful plugin.

    I am using classipress, your plugin helped me a lot.

    Q1. Is there any way of getting listings imported in multiple sub categories. (single category with preceding “,” works fine, not in multiple categories / sub-categories )

    2. It would be great if tags could also be imported in posts with custom fields. tried tags_input, no success.

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