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  • I tried text Coding in ANSI, ASCII, UTF8, unicode. I can reach “part 2” of the import procedure only with ANSI (all others fail immediately) but I can see in the preview that my umlaut “ä” shows “�” and when I hit “import” the import fails with error message:
    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in //…
    The event list was not imported after all.

    Please advise what coding I should use. I have seen there is no problem with using umlaut in post_title of wp_posts.

    Thank you,

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  • For another plugin (Tablepress) I export from a database application (FileMaker) into HTML format with UTF-8 coding, and that can be imported to Tablepress tables without any problems. Maybe this helps here, too?


    Thank you for your answer. I also use Tablepress, and there are no problems like the ones I have with EventList. I already tried UTF-8 and the plug-in cannot “understand teh header lines of the CSV document. I guess it is an internal problem of this plug-in that only the developer can fix – or maybe there is a workaround so I just keep trying.

    Kind regards,

    For me, the key in Tablepress importing was not so much about UTF-8 (which must be the correct option), but about using HTML masking / superstructure. No idea whether the events list (which I also use, but without importing) supports HTML imports (actually, I doubt it).

    Here is a thread of someone fixing this problem by fixing (removing?) all the odd characters. That may be an option for an English language text, but probably isn’t for German.

    What was the exact error message about headers you got?

    Hi hatespam,

    thank you for your reply. Indeed removing all umlaut (äöü) will solve the problem since standard characters so far always work fine for import. Yet I need them in the column wp_posts.post_title for being matched with other posts (who unfortunately do have umlauts present). So for my usecase omitting or replacing umlaut is not an option. I was thinking of a work-around starting a SQL script after the import with replacement characters, and the script changing replacements (e.g. “#”, “@”, “+”) to umlaut (e.g. “ä”, “ö”, “ü”) within wp_posts.post_title, but I really prefer an automated solution from within the plugin.

    The error message is very lengthy – the essential part I posted already. The lengthy part contains paths and data of the text to be imported. I can provide one if necessary, yet I think the message is just stating that the iport script cannot handle non-standard characters, and what really matters is that the import has not been performed at all with umlaut.

    I was hoping to reach the developer of the plugin with my post, since I believe the problem lies within the core of it (Code base, Code page (?)) and the solution is peanuts fot the developer. Let’s see if he responds… 😉

    Thanks and regards,

    I haven’t seen the developer active anywhere in relation to this plugin for at least 9 months.

    I have recently tried to e-mail him on two different addresses, but have gotten no response.

    On Github he has been active wrt other plugins at least until December 2018, so he is still around.

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