• Hi,
    We are a librarian association and we need to display a directory of our members (420 or so), registered in an Excel file with a large number of criteria (22). These criteria will enable us to allow multicriteria search.

    We gathered we would need to design our own database for that and Participants Database seems to be the perfect plugin in that respect.

    After cleaning our Excel file (removing unnecessary columns), we created the 22 necessary fields for the database in the Information on the participant tab. Is that correct?

    Importing our CSV file does not work (participants file not writable). I checked, changed permissions to 777, did not work, put it back to 755 as you recommend). The participants-database file is properly located (/wp-content/uploads). I checked your doc but could not find any clue.

    Could you help me understand the problem and solve the problem?

    Thanks for your answer and your help

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    THe help document I suggested before File Upload Location help will have several other tips for getting this working.

    Ultimately, if you cannot get this working, you will need to ask your hosting provider for help. For example, if there is some kind of restriction placed on the server, they will be able to fix that or advise you on how to get it working.

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    Thanks for answering so quickly.
    I had read the help document before writing to you. Everything seems to be correct (file properly created). What exactly should I ask my hosting provider? Can you be more specific?
    Thanks for your help

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    Hi, again
    I’ve just finished a conversation with my hosting provider, everything seems to be OK on their side. They advised me to change the participants database file in Uploads to the 705 CHMode, which I did. No improvement, it still does not work.

    Besides, I’m struggling with the CSV import function. Your pre-requisite is that the CSV fields should be First name, Email, Phone, Id which does not match at all our own file (written in French and having many more important fields to be registered). I thought that creating the fields we need to be displayed would be possible through the Database Fields Management section. In the General Information tab, I specifically created these fields so that importing our CSV file would match these fields. Nothing works…

    Could you please help me out?

    Thanks for your answers and your help

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    It would be helpful if you were more descriptivie about exactly how it is failing so I know what he problem is.

    Your second point…you can include any fields you want in the import. The fields seen on the CSV Import page are the field that are configured to export. This configuration happens on the Manage Database Fields page, and any field that has “CSV” checked in its definition will be included in the CSV export.

    You can import any fields you want, regardelss of that setting, as long as the field name in the header of your CSV matches exactly the name of the field.

    This page will help you get everything right: Exporting and Importing Records

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    Thanks for your answer. I thought I was clear in my previous messages, let me try again.

    We want to import a database of 420 participants or so with 22 fields/criteria for each. The fields are labelled in French.
    In the Import instructions of your plugin, it says:
    “To import your data correctly, the colums should match exactly the fields of your base. So far, the columns of the CSV file are as follows;
    first_name email phone id
    That means that your table must have 4 columns and that their title should match precisely the names above.

    As our file contains more than 4 columns ans as it is in French, I went to the Data Field Management section and created the 22 fields in French in order to match the file I want to import. Was I right to do so?

    When I try to import my file, it fails and says:
    “The CSV file has been imported.
    Number of incorrect colum found in the CSV:
    Impossible to import the data. Please make sure all the field names in the CSV header are valid.”

    I can’t understand where the problem lies. Could you please help me understand and fix the problem?

    Thanks for your help

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    What this message means is that the format of the CSV file is incorrect. The article I linked goes into detail there, but each line in the CSV must have the same number of data fields, separated by the delimiter.

    Also, it looks like the header line for the CSV does not match the fields you have defined. Make sure you are matching the “name” of the field, not the “title”.

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