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  • I wouldn’t call myself a noob, but I’m not an experienced wordpress user either. Can anyone out there help me? I am in the process of building a business directory as the spine of a larger new website. The business directories core function is SEO and for some users, info as well.

    I have a vast quantity of data that I wish to incorporate into this section of my site captured in CSV files.

    I’d like to map this data into individual pages for each “directory listing” and into a specific location on the page defined by columns and rows very similar to a CSV file (a structure built from a database sheet to ensure good formatting and enforced “style”). Each listing needs its own page built from that same generic template.

    Does anyone know of a FOC plugin that can map rows of CSV data into pages in this manner? I’d prefer for it not to be dynamic but for the plugin to create a new fully populated page for each row of data that I have. I’ve seen a afew around, but none that will do what I need (or I’m not using them properly).

    Does anyone know how to do this?

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  • Hi

    Easy CSV Importer was created for needs like this and no other data import plugin does what your asking. However I now provide CSV 2 POST which is now far better, it just does not do what you need…


    ECI allows us to create directories and tables on posts. One post could be the parent directory to many other posts. This is an ability I could like to add to CSV 2 POST whenever someone requests it. CSV 2 POST is the better plugin so if you badly need what your asking for I recommend installing that to see what sort of plugin we offer.

    In the long run it would be best to request CSV 2 POST gets upgraded to do this rather than using ECI which is going to be re-developed at the end of the year for easier use.

    There is a but and I try to avoid mentioning it on these forums but you obviously have a business need. An ability like this is very technical and requires much support. Such an ability would probably be added to the premium edition of CSV 2 POST only. You would need help understand how to use it.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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