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  • Thanks so much for this very useful and promising tool!

    I’d really like to exclusively create and edit items in the CSV (it saves me a lot of time since I have hundreds of items).

    So what I did was create one test item in the WP back-end, then used this tool to export the CSV, thinking it would give me the CSV template and I could then add to it from there.

    I added 4 new items to the CSV then tried importing it and now I’m running into questions. I did click the option for the CSV including a header row (it’s unchanged from the one that EDD CSV export made).

    1) It’s asking me to map the headers — understandable although I wish if the columns were already identical to the CSV export, I wish the importer would just see/recognize them automatically, and avoid allowing me to screw something up.

    2) There doesn’t appear to be an appropriate EDD field destination for: post_id, post_title (not to be confused with post_name), post_content — am I not seeing them?

    3) If I don’t specify a post_id, will EDD automatically assign one? Is there anything I should know? Are there any post_id’s I shouldn’t use? If I include a post_id in a CSV, but that post_id is already being used, will it overwrite the old one? I’d love to know the logic being used, so that I know exactly how this tool is working and I can rely on it.


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  • Plugin Author Pippin Williamson


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    At this time we don’t support updating items via an import, sorry.

    OK, thanks Pippin.

    So if not importing, does that mean that any item in the CSV will overwrite a previous item if its post_id matches? Or if its post_name matches? Or if its post_title matches?

    Or will it never overwrite? Will everything in an imported CSV always create new items?

    Just trying to understand the logic here. I understand you’re not putting a ton of time into bells and whistles on this plug-in. But I think it would suffice for my needs *if* I understood its logic.

    What about the column headers that don’t have corresponding EDD destinations?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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