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  • Hello there! Love your plugin, but it seems to have developed an odd behavior that I didn’t notice before. I created a test list to showcase my situation just for you (that’s where the page link below takes you).

    Here’s an example of what is happening with all my lists:

    a) I have a WP user database that includes a meta field called “title”.
    b) If I look at my user “Angus MacTest”, I see that his “title” field is “Canon”
    c) I go ahead and change that title meta field to “Captain” (you can’t do this from the test link above; I did it from the user-edit page)
    d) I go to the dashboard settings for the amr users list I created (which I called “Angus_Test” and which contains user “Angus MacTest” as an entry), and I rebuild the cache.
    e) I see that the user’s title has changed to “Captain” when I look at it in the browser.
    f) I export the user list to CSV.
    g) I open the CSV in Excel.
    h) In the CSV file , the title has remained “Canon”!
    i) After a lot of testing, I narrowed it down to something happening when the browser is downloading the CSV data. The user list looks fine when viewed IN the browser, but when it is downloaded, it seems to reflect what was FORMERLY in the user record.
    j) I guessed that it might have something to do with temporary browser data, so I went ahead and cleared browsing data.
    k) I then went back to my amr users list and exported again as CSV.
    l) It now lists the user’s title as “Captain”!

    So basically, if the browser data is not cleared, the CSV file seems to contain the data from before any changes were made to the meta fields. The other thing to note is that if I don’t touch the browser for a few hours and try the export, it works perfectly, exporting the correct title. It seems that over time, something resets and the fresh updated version of the CSV is downloaded, not a copy of the old one. Perhaps a cache setting expires? Anyhow, the only way I can get updates to work when doing several changes and exports in a row is to clear browser data between each and every CSV export.

    My environment:
    1. Browser – Chrome for Mac v 78.0.30904, Chrome for PC v 78.0.3904.97, Opera for PC v 65.0.3467.42 – all 64 bit — same behavior is exhibited in all of these.
    2. PHP Version – 7.2
    3. Wordpress version – 5.3
    4. Hosting service – GoDaddy managed wordpress
    5. Amr users version: 4.26
    6. Amr users Plus version: 3.5

    Any idea what is going on?

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  • Plugin Author anmari


    Hi Sorry about the delay in replying. I think you have summarised it well – it does sound like some kind of browser cache of the file? For public lists the file is refreshed when the list is refreshed so the file on the server must be up to date.

    Plugin Author anmari


    Hi In doing an update to add in excel export, I did see some logic with files that may have caused it. It has been removed. Plugin will no longer store the csv files, it will export directly instead.

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