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[Resolved] CSV Date (year) changed to 2013

  • I have been configuring the plug-in with my site and I have nearly everything working, except the date. I setup my CSV file with the join_date field populated. However when I import it, it changes the year to 2013. I’ve checked my sites date format and matched it on the CSV, but no change. How can I get the PDB to keep the correct date settings?


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  • Can you post the format string you’re using on your site and an example of the date as stored in the CSV? That would help me figure out what the deal is.

    Sure, sorry i’m offline on the weekend lately 🙁

    username	join_date	rank	sponsored_games	confirm	email	active	id
    Pyldrvr	12/1/2001	Founder	Planetside 2	19		Yes
    Valen	12/1/2001	Founder	Planetside 2	19		Yes
    Mudhen	12/1/2001	Member	None	19		Yes
    Bastuu	1/1/2008	Captain	World of Warcraft	19		Yes
    Rumblood	2/1/2004	Member	Planetside 2	19		Yes
    Crucible	4/1/2011	Captain	Planetside 2	19		Yes
    LeifLoketOlsson	2/1/2004	Member	Planetside 2	19		Yes
    SKillelea	11/1/2004	Member	Planetside 2	19		Yes

    Here’s the page displaying the results after the import: http://solnavy.com/about-sn/roster/

    You may find your CSV works better if it’s comma-delimited rather than tab-delimited. That’s just a guess, but it shouldn’t have any trouble parsing those dates.

    By the way, you should not have “strict dates” checked if you’re importing dates in a different format than you’re displaying them in.

    Well I did two things, unfortunately at nearly the same time. I updates the plug-in and saved it as a CSV. Importing worked and it displays the correct date. Strict Dates is turned off.

    One more question, on the [pdb_list] page, how do I specify how I want it sorted?

    Thanks again.

    EDIT: found the sort options. just a note your homepage has a lot more detail on configuring the plug-in. It is not obvious (to me) from the built in documentation where to look for that info. Could you merge them or at least include the link to xnau.com in the plug-in details?

    Thanks again.

    Glad you got it working. Your comments about the documentation are spot-on, just haven’t found the time to organize it better.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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