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  • Hello,

    I wouldn’t call myself a noob, but I’m not an experienced wordpress user either. Can anyone out there help me? I am in the process of building a business directory as the spine of a larger new website. The business directories core function is SEO and for some users, info as well.

    I have a vast quantity of data that I wish to incorporate into this section of my site captured in CSV files.

    I’d like to map this data into individual pages for each “directory listing” and into a specific location on the page defined by columns and rows very similar to a CSV file (a structure built from a database sheet to ensure good formatting and enforced “style”). Each listing needs its own page built from that same generic template.

    Does anyone know of a FOC plugin that can map rows of CSV data into pages in this manner? I’d prefer for it not to be dynamic but for the plugin to create a new fully populated page for each row of data that I have. I’ve seen a afew around, but none that will do what I need (or I’m not using them properly).

    Does anyone know how to do this?

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