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    I have decided the plugin needs a wiki. This project will be ongoing throughout 2013 and possibly 2014. Our plans are not small.

    The wiki will help provider developer support for anyone wishing to hack the plugin.

    I want to reward contributors and always wanted to create a reward system that ties all of our operations together. Even without such a reward system I can still offer discounts and freebies contributors.

    Let me know your thoughts. I want to gather opinions and find someone keen to start the wiki for me. We have the customer account area and ticket system to complete for so there is no way we will start a wiki during 2012. I’m happy for someone else to make a start on it and get something in return. Lets not go into that too much on here, there are rules but it is important to provide incentive and the free plugin here on will benefit.

    That is all. I will get back to working on the plugin. I will be back in the forum to answer everyone once I get the next version released.

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  • Hi Ryan,

    that sounds like a good idea.
    Unfortunally I have no experience in setting up and maintenance a wiki system, so I can´t help.

    Át the moment I dont know exactly your approach for using a wiki system.

    But maybe this is a good hint:

    At our company (internet/web e-commerce projects) we used a kind of wiki system for our project management, documentation, bugtrack and ticket system for some of our projects.

    It´s a free system – if you want you can have a look at it:

    I think this could fullfill all your needs….

    Best regards,

    Plugin Author WebTechGlobal


    Kai you got me thinking regarding what you said about no experience on Wiki software. I realized that using Wiki software would be a bad thing. So thanks loads for that.

    I checked that link though and I will be trying that software I think it looks good. The wiki software does touch on something we have planned for WordPress though. A project management plugin, mainly for our own use but we will release it to the public no reason why not. We were going to make it admin-side only but I see an opportunity to extend that project by adding a wiki approach.

    So we decided to add wiki style features to the existing website and after some research we have found that some of our own ideas are unique.

    Won’t happen for months yet though.

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