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  • Okay, so GoDaddy must have recently updated my wordpress because completely out of nowhere my blog has absolutely no CSS execution at the moment. I’ve tried everything. I reinstalled manually (which was very successful) and yet there still shows a page with absolutely no style. The link to see what’s going on is

    click here..

    For the record, I’m running 2.7.1 (as stated in the post) and the “Classic” theme. The files are located in wp-content/themes/classic and the CSS file that is in the source does have the correct CSS (feel free to double check though).

    Anyone have any ideas? Appreciated.


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  • Hmm found the issue, but will be needing lots of help. I edited the header information (removed the xml lang and document type.) This means I’d have to go through every file and remove that. No good.

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