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  • I have tried several approaches to image rollovers WITHIN a post and/or page, but nothing seems to work (at all). All of these methods are tested and work in static web pages, but do not seem to work in the WP loop/post. Any suggestions or resources would be greatly appreciated.

    To clarify, I am trying to find a rollover script that works WITHIN the post , not in the header, footer or sidebar, that works fine.

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  • Here you go, bud.

    This generator will get you a rollover for your post or page. Be sure to follow the instructions, and you need to add the css information to your style sheet.
    I’ve used this for rollovers in posts and pages for a while now, and I’d never do a rollover without it!

    Thank you so much, tested it and works. I actually visited this site earlier, but am always skeptical of code generators! Much appreciated, tried about 5 different methods that work in static pages, but not in wordpress for some reason, thanks again!

    No problem, Ace.

    Shoot, this method doesn’t work in Firefox/Mozilla browsers! Monkeypup, does it work for you?

    It’s the only browser I use. If you’re using FF 2.0, you might have a problem, as I noticed the rollovers stopped working in 2.0 once. I restarted the browser and it was fine.

    But if you’re using FF 1.5 than I don’t know what to tell you. Never had an issue with it.

    I have tried this, and maybe I am doing something wrong. The instructions do not indicate if you have to name the class (I would assume so!) or if you need text within the a href tag. It seems like they just want you to paste and use the code as is, but for me it doesn’t work…neither alone, nor with the modifications I just mentioned. Any help?

    I figured out that the collylogic script is doing something funky — it’s not including any of my parameters in the final code.

    BUT….I found a great solution that worked in a Page:

    CF Rollover Wizard 2.2

    I put the script in my header.php file, and the html in my Page (using the text editor mode) and voila! I changed the <img> tag in the html to include my style information (float right). Oh, just don’t put any spaces into the html code, that seemed to mess it up pretty bad.

    I hope others will find this as useful as I did. It is the first thing that has worked, and I have tried a bunch of javascripts that did not. This was smooth and clean, and worked on the first try.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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