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  • I am using the oceanbech-10 theme from askgraphics and have problems with the page(s) rendering in IE. Everything below the header is not showing I am wondering if there are any patch’s available to resolve this issue. I have tried contacting the the theme authors but have not received a reply.

    This is the site where the page resides any help is appreciated.

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  • I really need some help with this issue and think that this is common problem with IE (could be wrong) Could anyone help me with a patch for this. here is the stylesheet

    [useless long code moderated]

    You can view the snapshots of how it is rendering in different browsers here.
    Is there a IE Patch I can use?

    Jesus. Have you looked at your source code? There are a lot of conditional statements that look related to Front Page in the body. My version of IE6 just gives up and stops cold right after the title to the first post. I’m surprised Opera loads it (and renders it well) at all; ditto Firefox.

    Thanks for your reply This is what I did (to make a mess of the source code) COPY FROM MS WORD sorry for shouting but the editor using the paste from MS Word function pastes all this horrific gooblegook. Can I go into the editor in code view take all the word junk out and resave the post?

    Don’t ever copy and paste from MS Word or any other MS Office application — they have all those hidden codes built in, and those codes are picked up when you cut and paste.

    An easy solution is that you can take any text (from MS Word or from the Web) and paste it into a plain vanilla text editor like NotePad. Then copy what you pasted and paste it into your WordPress editor. It will be clean. You will also lose any formatting, such as bold and italics.

    There are other ways around this, but that’s an easy workaround in a pinch.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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