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    Hi everyone,
    Having some trouble with my CSS sheet reading in Firefox. I am using the school’s server to host my site, but all of my classmates seem to have no problem with their CSS…why me!???! Here’s what the external CSS looks like, followed by my HTML :

    [long code moderated]


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  • yosemite


    This looks bad:
    <body background="images/background06.jpg" bgcolor=#141601>

    That should be defined in your css (background). Properly called in xhtml it would look more like:

    <body style="background:#141601 url(images/background06.jpg) no-repeat;">

    Would be alot easier to troubleshoot with a link ;’)



    Ha yeah …sorry about that..late night post. Here’s the URL : So I tried changing the body tag in the html page with no resolution as I thought…I’m almost positive thats not the issue as I’ve never had problems with that before. I’m thinking that there must be something in my css file (see above post for that code) that is not compatible with firefox and is preventing firefox from reading it. My fonts and colors aren’t showing up in it. Thanks for the attempt though. 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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