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  • Please take a look at my site in FF and then in IE. The problem I am having is that the div id of headerimg needs to be larger than the simply the header, and I want the background-image to lay under the content for a little bit. But IE won’t do it… that I know of. (Firefox seems to be rendering it the way I envisioned it)

    Any assistance in getting my site to look the same (or closer than it currently does) would be appreciated! Thank you!!!

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  • Bleargh… is there no work around?

    Thank you WordPress community for the 29 user sessions to my webpage from this referring URL and double thanks for the ZERO comments and support.

    Merry X-mas.

    Ouch…. I’m sorry, but while I looked, I didn’t have the time to really dig into someone else’s problematic css looking for IE inconsistencies. If it doesn’t hit me in the face immediately, I just don’t have the time to dig through it – I had and have client sites that I’m working on that take precedence to something like this. It’s not life and death, after all….

    In any case, good luck with your problems, and have a happy holiday season….

    Well, thank you at least for acknowledging me. This would be the third thread I’d started with no one even aknowledging they’d read my post.

    I’m not looking for a verbatim solution. Sorry it seemed that way.

    I just was curious for a “it’s not possible with IE yet” or “It is, keep diggin in CSS tutorials or these forums via more searching for IE” No need to dig through my validation and code for me.

    Seriously though: I do thank you for the nod.

    I could not test it with IE because I do not have it, but having taken a look, your site looks rather clean. I can envision the problems that would crop up in IE. I recommend that you ask this question in:

    or newsgroup:


    That’s where the CSS gurus nest.

    Merry Xmas by the way. Never treat lack of response as lack of interest or snubbing. Sometimes problems are just hard to fix or comment on. Your post was probably read by many.

    Awesome! I’ll give the usenet group a try, I’m a usenet lover, and I can’t believe I never considered that as a solution. Going now!

    Thank you for the pointer!!

    merry merry

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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