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  1. mintyfresh
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I've only just recently converted my old typepad site over to WordPress and I am loving it. But, there is a minor problem that's preventing some of my visitors from loving it.

    To start out, I selected one of the templates over at Alex King's site, and all worked fine. Then, I tried to tweak the CSS a little bit in order to make my content area a little wider (adding 60 px).

    While everything is hunky-dory in Safari, IE and Firefox on Mac, as well as in Netscape and Firefox in Windows, IE for Windows hates me. It's very confused by my stylesheet, it seems.

    Ordinarily, I wouldn't be asking for help for this, but I'm stuck. I've tried making a bunch of different mods, and everything I can get to work in IE/Win completely toasts all other browsers.

    Anyone feel like taking a look at my stylesheet and helping me out?

    The blog itself is at http://mintyfresh.lilybug.ca and the style sheet is http://mintyfresh.lilybug.ca/style.css.

    Any help is completely appreciated. I feel like I'm spinning in circles.


  2. mintyfresh
    Posted 11 years ago #

    thanks to those who sent me email.

    All figured out.


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