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  • Hello, just installed WordPress onto one of my domains and I am fixing up the css boxes before I start coding the theme.

    Can u spot what is causing the content and sidebar divs to jump outside the container box (green box)the navigation and pic boxes are in the header which is CORRECT.

    Can anyone spot the problem??

    EDIT: url:
    Thanks so much!

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  • now it’s unfixed again and I swear i have not touched it…!

    the content and sidebar are definitely in the container box here, in IE7 and FF. Which browser are you using?

    Firefox. I took ‘float right’ off of the content div and it is now working.

    hmmm… now to fix up the footer.

    thanks for responding..!

    ahh must have done that just as I got here… have fun 😉

    Mind if skew your stats by refreshing every now and then to watch your progress? 😉

    do it!

    heheh… why do u want to see? it’s not that interesting!

    I usually edit offline, using xammp… but I managed to break it very recently so decided I might as well edit online!

    I bore easily 😉

    I’m sitting here watching TV and wasting time on the forums, so whenever I remember I’ll hit refresh and watch you suffer, lol.

    I’m doing something similar for my own blog at the moment, and it’s moderately interesting to watch other people’s CSS napkin sketches grow 🙂

    It’s funny you should mention napkins, I work in a bar and I usually grab a pen and sketched my ideas on anything I canfind, a menu, a napkin, a piece of till roll! Hehe

    I’m getting close to giving up… hmmm

    what’s wrong?

    … seems like it might have been easier to find a similar theme and modify it though.

    NO! I like to do it all myself!

    Plus the top bit in the header is going to be a big horizontal list of links.

    Modifying someone else’s theme.. tut tut… cheating! Where’s the challange?

    oooh now everything jumped out of the container again…

    Everything is a modification of something else 😉

    Truly original code doesn’t work, because nobody’s written the language yet 😉

    Well, fair enough. 😛

    I am getting a bit fustrated with all this now. I don’t understand what exactly I keep doing and breaking!

    Haha! I might have to walk away from the laptop…

    yep… that’s the best thing for it.
    Back to the bar for a couple of rounds.

    Nothing like a little alcohol to clear your head 😉

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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