• The CSS, and especially the use of inline css, is way too opinionated and really needs to be either pared back, or give me the option to disable it completely.

    For example, a form outputs this:

    #form-6815b371.cwp-form .cwp-default-submit-btn {
    	color: rgb(49, 49, 49) !important;
    	border: 1px solid rgb(49, 49, 49);


    <button style="background-color:white" name="submit" value="submit-6815b371-6a85-409d-bafb-b4b189f90d14" type="submit" class="cwp-submit-btn cwp-default-submit-btn">Submit</button>

    Both of which make it nigh impossible to override with custom CSS, especially if I have multiple forms with custom IDs. So I’m left with forms that do not match the styling of my site, which is not good.

    Also, the colour picker does not honour the colours registered with add_theme_support( 'editor-color-palette' )


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  • Hello Peter, we will try in a future update to tone back the css , maybe drop the ID selector and maybe add a class that holds that ID.

    Regarding the second one , unfortunately that is the way Gutenberg customization works for now , but we will take under consideration the option to remove the styling all together .

    Regarding the last matter, I will open a issue regarding this and we will look into this.



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