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  • Hello,

    I completely new in web dev and I would like to apply CSS just on specific page

    I have this .entry-title {display:none;} that is great to not display title on my homepage, portfolio, etc…

    But I have also a part of my website which is a blog and so where I need people to see the title.

    I supposed the easiest to do is to target this CSS only to page I dont want the title to be seen, but I don’t know how to write


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  • Moderator Steven Stern


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    Look a the <body> tag for the page(s) in question. You’ll see each has a page ID as a class

    For example, a post on one of my sites has

    <body class="post-template-default single single-post postid-1820 single-format-standard custom-font-enabled">

    So, for your example, I’d do this to target that particular post.

    .postid-1820 .entry-title {display:none;}

    Thanks steve, I’ll try right now 😉

    also, dependant on your theme, the .entry-title container might be within a different other container if it is for example just the page title, or the title of a post within the blog page…

    to get more detailed suggestions, you might need to post the name of your currently used theme (if it is one of the themes from ) or provide a link to your site.


    Steve, in my case I just replace your code .postid-X with page-id-X and it works perfectly

    It looks like this at the end

    .page-id-58 .entry-title {display:none;}
    .page-id-2 .entry-title {display:none;}

    I there a way to write it in just one row ? maybe something like .page-id-58;2 .entry-title {display:none;} I don’t know whether multiplying this king of code could slow down the website maybe ?

    Here is my website

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    I just found my answer, thanks again

    .page-id-107 .entry-title, .page-id-56 .entry-title {display:none;}

    This is really awesome info! Thanks for the answers.

    Wow, thanks!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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