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  • Hello,

    Just wondering what the CSS would be to stop a plugin from functioning on my site’s “pages” only.

    The plugin in question here is a related post slider. You can see it in action at my site: Look under every post but also, unfortunately, at the bottom of every page as well.

    Simply put, I just don’t want this slider in my pages- just want it to show on my posts.

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  • CSS is not what one would use to alter site functionality…CSS is used to ‘display’ the site in a desired manner…you could work with the plugin author to customize site files that would provide your desired functionality.

    My suggestion is to move your short link above the post loop directly after body.

    I have to apologize, I’m only ‘sub medium’ when it comes to web design. I’m just not sure I understand your suggestion.

    I contacted the author and even hammered away in the support forum- no luck…

    There has to be some easy way to make a plugin “vanish” from pages.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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