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    I’ll keep adding to this post as I find more. This css that has been written so that if stylesheets load in correct order the simplest css can’t override it.

    .elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title[class*=elementor-size-]>a {
        color: inherit;
        font-size: inherit;
        line-height: inherit;

    I can’t over ride this with just a simple…

    a {

    In my instance I just want to add a hover…….and I can’t with out !important or other means which would mean I’d have to use !important for all other a:hover statements.

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    .elementor-2 .elementor-element.elementor-element-1dd8bc6 .elementor-image-box-wrapper .elementor-image-box-img {
      width: 30%;
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    .elementor-kit-22 input:not([type=”button”]):not([type=”submit”]), .elementor-kit-22 textarea, .elementor-kit-22 .elementor-field-textual

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    Unfortunately, providing custom code falls outside of the scope of our support.

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    I’m not asking you to provide custom code. I’m COMPLAINING that your code makes it hard to customize sites. I was hoping that rather than a brush off you might take my complaints as suggestions to help improve your software.

    The bottom line is you have all kinds of settings for the style that are built in that we have to spend HOURS trying to undo. If you could just provide an unstyled, base installation with a base theme it would fix so many things.

    1. Why are you setting the styles for hx tags so that they can’t be changed?
    2. Why on earth would elementor-image-box-img be set at 30% when I selected a full size image IN ELEMENTOR?
    3. Why is the default template/site setting in elementor styling form fields? I never set this but the template is controlling this.

    I’m a free user now but I have the budget to purchase your software or divi. I’ll be honest this response by you…..makes me not want to bother with elementor again.

    I will continue to post to this css that I find that is hard to override. PLEASE look at these examples and figure out a way to make it easier to override….or just don’t set the css by default for us.

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    “I will continue to post to this css that I find that is hard to override.” No. If you have a SPECIFIC question, please post it. If you just want to complain about Elementor’s CSS, you’ve done so and perhaps you might want to find a different sitebuilder plugin. I’m closing this topic as it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

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