• Hi, when i try to modify the style.css of the default nothing happens. I’m using firefox, so i thought maybe reset css style by pushing f5 but that didn’t work either.
    I try to modify the background color and page.

    the other problem is how do i “delete” the logo? cause i already have the basic page (index.html) and i just want to iframe the index.php of wordpress (but without the logo).

    PS: i tried lots of weblogs and news script, but the support wasn’t great, sometimes i had to wait 2 days before i got an answer. I hope this is the one. :p


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  • perhaps you didnt set your permissions on the server correctly. for changing AND saving 755 is needed. chmod

    if you saved your current css on your desktop, and changed and modified it here – upload it the same way like you downloaded and overwrite the excisting file. thats it

    how do change the logo…this is needed in the header.php of the default. delete this section like you need it and do not forget to set the chmod there too.

    if someone browses to your page he will always see the index.html first. perhaps all you worries are gone when you change the name of this index.html so the php can be shown correctly

    good luck anyway

    I just looked at your blog at http://cgedits.com/

    You seem to have the style hard coded into the page and there is no stylesheet file (.css) in use.

    When you say the logo do you mean the page header? If so look for a file header.php in your theme directory.

    If you’re using the default theme, Kubrick, some of the CSS for your blog is in the head of your webpages, where it will override the styles in your stylesheet.

    Move the styles out of your header.php file, into your stylesheet, then you’ll be able to modify everything in one place.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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