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  1. Jack
    Posted 12 years ago #

    In my site I have split up the left and right part in 40% and 60% width. In the right part I added an outerbox of 80% width and in that the contentdiv with a margin 0f 8px.
    In Mozilla everything looks fine, but in IE the content keeps aligned to the left, not showing a margin of 8px. I tried all kinds of things, but can't get it to work. Also if you scroll down a page with some images on them you can see that there is a strange white field stretching underneath the images, as wide as the 80% outerbox, covering the right and left borders for a moment. Hovering over the image makes that field dissapear.
    It must be some css thing that IE can't cope with, or a mistake on my part in the css or markup.
    Any idea's?
    (I realise these are difficult things for 'outsiders' to check... :) )
    You can reach my (under construction) site by clicking on my username...

  2. Anonymous
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Sorry maar ik zie geen ...
    Oops, in English:
    I am using IE 6 and don't see any problems

  3. Jack
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Already solved (reeds opgelost :) ). Forgot to mention it though. The solution for both problems was to set the 'p'-tag at 100%. While I thought that the 'p' is a blocklevel element, so always stretches to the available space, it doesn't do that in all cases in IE.

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