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  1. ecolective
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hello! my page is http://www.visit-forum.se and Im using the jillij theme on wordpress 2.2! I've tried to create a "scrollbox" using pure css but it has'nt come out right. First thing first; when I try to hide the scroller using "overflow: hidden;" under the body-tag it still shows up in IE.

    I want to make the header, sidebar and footer fixed while only scrolling the content (whidecolumn). Is this at all possible?

    I have'nt found any themes that has this design, is there one?

  2. ecolective
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Me again! I have almost come to a solution. There is now a scrollbox, which shows ok, in both IE and FF. Any one who finds it weird in their browser?

    I still want the scroller to show where it "usually is", if any one get what Im trying to say, still just scrolling the "content"...


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