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  • On Safari and Chrome, but not Firefox, the sidebar links on this website are not working – The problem occurs on every page except the home page, though I cannot determine what is different on the home page.

    Would really appreciate if any Firebug & CSS masters here could help me out.


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  • jack randall


    for some reason all the system generated links in the resources and blog categories seem to be commented out in the code but underneath them there is a standard unordered list which is why they are displaying…

    why that’s the case in terms of your code i don’t know but my guess would possibly be a plugin playing up or maybe something got commented out during the design of the theme and it’s templates and no-one caught it.

    I’m sure it is this empty div that is the problem.

    <div id="right-half"></div><!-- #right-half -->
    With the styling


    Safari and Chrome have problems with negative z-index and so the div is effectively ‘covering up’ part of the sidebar so you cannot access the links. If you try a link towards the bottom of the sidebar (that is below the offending div) you will see that these links work.

    I’ve found that negative z-indexes are unreliable across browsers and I tend to avoid them now, using ‘stacks’ of positive ones instead

    Thanks for the quick responses.

    @theotherlebowski: The code is commented out because the client was going back and forth on what they wanted. (It was done before WP added custom menus in the back-end)

    @lockettpots: I tested removing that div completely and still have the problem, so that is not the problem unfortunately.

    I believe it has something to do with the container div, because when the links start working where that div stops.

    jack randall


    if you have access to it i’d try uncommenting it, especially if it’s not commented for any specific reason.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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