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    My blog diplays very poorly in IE6… and I was wodering if I could do anything to sort it out. The site looks fine in IE7 and Firefox, but when I loaded it at work on an older PC…. yuk… the two main problems are: There is an element (the bookmarks in the screen) that is floated right in the left column…but in IE6 it floats all the way right and sits on top of the right column. Screen at:
    Site at:

    The other problem is the margins around the feature article image seem to have some sort of offset for some reason… I added the margins and whole post with windows live writer if that helps.

    Any ideas? Cheers.

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  • 1. maybe try display: block; on the bookmarks
    => IE does the boxmodel in it’s on way. Therefore border, padding and margin look odd.

    Easy sollution is an ie specific stylesheet
    <!--[if IE]><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="ie.css" />< ![endif]-->




    you might additonally want to work on a few of the validation errors that are related to structure —

    for instance, you are re-using id=”arttits” for some of style stuff. You ought to be using class=”arttits” if you intend to re-use it.

    Below that particular example in the results is some more structural stuff as well.

    Thanks for the fast replies…I will have a play with those structure valiadation issues first and see if that sorts it out. I must admit my css is a little sloppy…thanks for the help!

    Ok….I have sorted some of the validation issues out/ still working on them though…an interesting thing though, is that the image wrapping is fine for the same posts in the archives and cat pages etc… so it’s only the home/index page that is having the wrapping issues….so it can’t be the version of IE… it’s gotta be somthing with the coding/css of the index page.

    This is driving me mad… I have sorted all the validation issues out…and the class and ID issues. The bookmark sits where I want it to, but when I refresh the page…it won’t display the bookmark…open edit source…displays…refresh…won’t display? It’s crazy…and I still can’t sort out the wrapping issue on the home page. I am going mad!!

    Sorted it out.

    As I am fighting a similar problem and can’t figure out how to fix it, would you be so kind as to give a hint how you solved the problem?

    My problem was how different browser interpret the CSS. Firefox and IE7 were allowing a negative position value…and IE6 was not…so objects inside an Div ID were positioning themselves differently depending on the browser. I just went through the CSS code of the affected area and checked what all the settings were doing. Also I found Firefox’s web developers toolbar very helpful…it has all sorts of tools that allow you to see what is what etc. View class id’s etc.

    Refreshing the pgae and hiding the item problem was because I had the item placed inside a container that was behind another container… then when I refreshed, the item was going into the background. I had to move it into a different container…but in certain cases you could just play with the Z-Index settings to sort out that problem.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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