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  • Hi,
    my blog css theme displays properly in safari but not at all in Firefox,
    it’s a little messed up in IE too. any help appreciated. help. thanks.

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  • I’m no programmer, but it looks a bit odd to me that in the code, you are using two stylesheets directly after eachother.
    I don’t know the theme, so I don’t know how it’s built, but you are using Hemingway/style.css and Hemingway/styles/white.css
    I would try to get rid of one of the two. <typo>

    multiple stylesheets is fine — and I’m pretty sure Hemingway is one of those themes that lets you choose which color you want to use and switches out to the proper CSS.

    I don’t think I’d delete that just yet.

    That being said… right now I don’t see any theme at all at the OP’s site.

    Right. There’s no theme showing on Firefox, but there is in Safari and IE. The theme uses two style sheets to change the color and it works on other servers. Could this be a server issue?

    Some interesting <font face... tags in the source. You might want to have a go at fixing some of the validation issues and see if that won’t clean up your problem with Firefox.

    I fixed those things. Still no go in Firefox. Could this be a server problem?

    Think we can safely rule out server problem at this time since other browsers are rendering it. However… Just looked at your validation and you have an extra div closing issue. THAT would definitely cause problems. See if you can track down and fix that guy and I’ll bet it will work in FF.

    Nope. Still won’t show theme in Firefox.

    The odd thing is that if I use the FF developer’s plugin to load/edit your CSS (without changing anything), suddenly your theme shows fine in Firefox. Maybe that’s a clue or a hint, but I’m not sure what to suggest next.

    One of the smarter folks will hopefully see this!

    Ah. I took the liberty of validating your CSS as well. Found some minor issues that may be related.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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