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  • I’m not sure what you’ll need to help me, so here is sidebar.php, style.css and finally, my site.

    Okay, my sidebar is one huge list. Basically everything in it is in an li tag, and I think that’s pretty normal for a sidebar. But it seems impossible for me to differentiate between regular links (like the link under “welcome”) and navigation links (the links under “pages”, “categories”, “archives”, etc). Since I have all li links set to display:block with my stylesheet, naturally every single link in the sidebar shows up like that since they’re all technically list items. How can I make my “regular” sidebar links show up like the links in my posts, while having the rest of the links be display:block? I’m just not sure what to do to my stylesheet to make this happen.

    Here is a site that has what I’m looking to do. He has “regular” links (under Blog Stats) but also navigation links (under Blog Categories), and yet only his navigation links have display:block. How can I do this?

    I hope this made sense, I found it really hard to explain properly. Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it 🙂

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  • Actually, if you look at the source code of your site (a good place to start understanding what are you doing!) – the sidebar, more or less a K-clone, is not one list. It’s a series of nested lists!
    And studying more themes you’d learn that designers add classes to the li tags, so they can style them differently.

    Thanks a lot for the help! Now it seems like my stylesheet is a mile long, but I guess that’s okay 🙂 What I don’t understand though is when you make widget-ready themes, you can’t really style the widgets because you never know what the perosn using the theme will have on their sidebar. I can only account for the standard, pre-installed widgets in my stylesheet (calendar, recent posts, etc) and anything else they download they will have to style themselves, right?

    It’s confusing to me.

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