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  • Wouldn’t it be nice if the Photo Caption Zoom works in WordPress? There is only one image file. We are saved from creating small, large image files and additional file containing the large image.

    The caption version doesn’t seem to work for me after trying one of their zoomed photos in WP. I will try the non-caption version and see if I have any luck.

    Does anyone care to try this beautiful and efficient feature?


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  • whooami



    you might want to just ask Scott, the author, (i know him) he’s a good guy and might just help you, if you ask.

    Ive pointed him to this thread…

    *cough* (he has access to a wp blog and a user if he needs it) *cough*

    Really? Thanks so much Whooami! There is hope (i hope :-))

    I have just post the question at his web site. I can’t find his email which may not be available anyway.

    Hi whooami, Scott is hands-on helping my site right now. Can’t thank you enough and him of course. Will update this thread with the results later.

    Sorry for taking so long to update my results. In fact, after Scott briefly tweaked my page and it worked in some browsers almost instantly. Photo Caption Zoom(PZ3) works quite wonderfully in all browsers(Safari, FireFox & Netscape on Mac. IE7, FireFox & Netscape on Windows.) after I have cleaned up many inherited html error messages.

    I’ve learned from Scott that “the Photo Caption Zoom is a technique, which is applicable to any HTML page. That means it’ll work in WordPress, or b2evolution, or just a plain-old HTML page.”

    If you are interested in using Photo Caption Zoom, please go to

    Follow up:
    It is very easy to adapt the CSS Zoom code to work with WordPress. I posted a short guide how to integrate it with your the quicktags in your WP blog. Enjoy 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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