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    As you can see, at the bottom of the page, there is a white line above my grey footer. I’d like to remove it.

    Another page is missing the white line, but the footer is shorter (I’d like it to cross the whole page). This page uses a different template.

    I know it sounds like a dumb question- I had a designer edit the tewnty-ten profile for me, and I’ve been doing most of the tweaks myself. I thought the line would be padding in the footer section.

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  • Sounds like you should go back to the designer if the changes he/she made created those problems. I hope he/she used a child theme and did not edit the core files?

    Firebug is the best way to work with CSS modifications.

    You might also want to look at Validating a Website — your site won’t even validate (gets and error message from the validator on the W3C site) so you likely have some other coding issues as well.

    Hi, the first issue:

    There are two divs inserted into a clear div, the clear divs functions is
    to realigne floating divs upon it,looks for clear div tutos, these is the code of your page:

    <div class="wrapperarea">
          <div class="headerarea">
            <div class="topleftarea">
            <div class="toprightarea">
         <div class="clear">  /* div clear do not use like a container div.
         <div style="height:13px;"> /*replace this div after the clear div
         <div class="innerfullarea">/*replace this div after the clear div
         </div>/* end of div clear put your content after this.

    So you have to replace the innerfullarea div and style height 13px div, they are wrong placed, put into wrapperarea after the close div tag of clear class.
    Sorry for my English :-).

    WPogi- you’re right, i get several errors. However when I created a brand new site for a different page, and use the default twenty ten template, I get the same errors- so I’m not sure its anythign the coder did.

    Thank you Victor505, I’m trying to find the page/css sheet that has that code, so I can fix it. I appreciate the tip.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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