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  • In your Print-O-Matic settings page under Custom Print Page Style whatever I put in as my css style it won’t apply to the print page. It worked perfectly on version 1.5a. We also see that you have removed the exclude functionality and added it to the Print-Pro-Matic plugin. We have made up for the changes, other than that we have not changed anything since.

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  • Plugin Author Baden


    Version 1.5 has two CSS sections that can be modified.
    Custom Style – Custom CSS Style for the display page
    Custom Print Page Style – Custom CSS Style for the print page

    Please verify that the css you want to add to the print page has been entered into the Custom Print Page Style textbox.

    We have renamed exclude to do_not_print and it will return in version 1.5.1 that will be released in the next hour.

    Thank your for your reply. Yes, I am using Custom Print Page Style.

    Plugin Author Baden


    Can you send a link the the page that this is not working on? Also useful would be the css you have inserted into the Custom Print Page Style field.

    We have just tested it again on your server and it is working fine, so hopefully it is something simply on your end.

    This is the link to the page which has a print button in the top left corner of the page:

    If you open up the print pop-up you will see that it is completely unstyled. Even though we have this snippet of CSS in the Custom Print Page Style field:

    #box #ws_wrapper {float:none;}
    p {margin:12px 0;}
    #wordsearch #ws-grid {float:none;width:480px;padding:12px;margin:20px auto;border:1px solid #000;border-radius:15px;}
    #wordsearch #ws-grid td.ws_size {width:48px;height:48px;font-size:30px;}
    #wordsearch2 #ws-grid {float:none;width:480px;padding:8px;margin:12px auto;border:1px solid #000;border-radius:15px;}
    #wordsearch2 #ws-grid td.ws_size {width:28px;height:28px;font-size:17px;}
    #ws_wrapper #ws-side {width:100%;float:left;margin:0 0 12px;padding:0 0 5px;font-size:18px;border:1px solid #000;border-radius:15px;}
    #ws-side p {text-decoration:underline;text-align:center;margin:5px 0 -10px;}
    #ws-side #wordlist ul li {float:left;width:25%;}
    #ws-title {text-align:center;font-weight:bold;font-size:20px;}

    try adding the !important; tag on the end of each line?

    I have tested your plugin on several other pages and they worked. I think that the problem is not with your plugin but someone else’s. Very sorry for the misleading post. Thank you for your support. And hovrak, the !important tag didn’t have any effect on solving the problem.

    Whoops, we have just finished testing all possibilities and we have figured out that your plugin is having a conflict with the MyPuzzle Word Search plugin. However, Print-O-Matic, without MyPuzzle Word Search plugin, doesn’t fail on other pages. We have tried Print-O-Matic 1.4, 1.5a, 1.5.1, and Print-Pro-Matic with all the recent versions of MyPuzzle Word Search. We have found that in version 1.4 and 1.5a of Print-O-Matic there is no conflict with MyPuzzle Word Search. In versions 1.5.1 and Print-Pro-Matic the conflict causes Chrome’s print interface to not appear on top of the pop-up, as well as other browsers. Now you must right-click and click Print or type CTRL-P on Windows to access the interface.

    In versions 1.5.1 and Print-Pro-Matic the conflict causes the Print Page CSS to not appear in the print pop-up.

    In versions 1.5.1 and Print-Pro-Matic we validated that the “do_not_print” works in preventing the display of such data in the print pop-up, but when closing the pop-up and returning to the HTML page the said “do_not_print” items remain unseen. This appears to be because the unseen element isn’t being called again after the pop-up closes.

    Since your past plugin software had no conflict with MyPuzzle Word Search in any manner, my guess is that a change has occurred in your code that is causing a conflict. Although, I don’t know what this may be.

    Thank you so much for all of your assistance.

    Plugin Author Baden


    Please update to version 1.5.2a:
    and report back if this version:
    1) Resolves issue with MyPuzzle Word Search
    2) Resolves issue with custom print page css

    Thank you and our apologies for the disruption.

    Plugin Author Baden


    Hold up on updating. version 1.5.2b will be available for you to test soon.

    Plugin Author Baden


    Please update to the official release of 1.5.2. It has been tested to work with the evil, horrid IE. It also works in standard HTML browsers as well.

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