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  • I have a custom theme designed a year ago and it’s never worked across all browsers – I’m finally trying to solve it myself since the original designer will not respond.


    Works in FF/IE — does not work in Safari/Chrome.
    Safari loads the top logo images but stops at the custom menu and then doesn’t load any of the formatting at all.

    Initial troubleshooting lead me to comments about using
    content with :before or :after — this is where the style sheet appears to stop working and found some sites commenting that Safari/Chrome don’t handle that well. I haven’t figure out what about that I need to change or do differently if that is the problem.

    If you see something else that is obvious, I’m happy to hear about it. Thank you for any suggestions or leads for me to follow.

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  • Start by sorting out the markup errors. Then move onto the CSS errors.

    Thanks for the feedback, I’ve been running those things already but unforunately, I’m not really clear on what they mean.

    Value Error : width Parse Error : {LogoWidth}px

    Parse Error [: #000000 !important; } /* end Logo */ /* begin Menu */ /* menu structure */ .artmenu a]

    I honestly don’t know what the problem with those are. Perhaps this will be more complicated than I expected. Was hoping that it might just be a glaringly obvious error that someone would recognize or the fact that it stops working at the navaigation menu would be a good sign of where the problem is.

    I’ll read through the other links some more and see if I can make sense of any of it though. Thanks!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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