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    So, I built my own template/theme (woohoo!) but the css is not fully working. I can’t add backgrounds, change colors, edit widths, or anything like that. Where did I go wrong and how do I go about fixing it?

    I would really appreciate some help!

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  • Do you use any cashing plugin? Do you have a live site?
    If you have a cashing plugin, it minimizes you style.css and put it in another folder, so all the changes you make need to go through that minimising process again.

    right if u use any caching plugin then u have such problem


    check page template that u use in new template

    Currently I’m not using any plugins… :-/

    My site, if it would help you to look at it, is

    Thanks for your help, anyways!

    I don’t know, everything looks ok from here. I changed wrapper width to be 960 instead of 750px and it’s wider. I changed background for .post to blue and it works.
    What program do you use to change width, color, background… I’m using notepad++…

    I’ve been using either the files in my host, or the editor on wordpress….

    if you use wordpress editor, you do remember to update file? Sorry, i have to ask. You can do next. Download Chrome if you don’t have it. right click anywhere on your page and choose inspect element. It will open a tab at the bottom where you can change anything you want and see it live on site, without changing anything really. When you are happy with the site, copy all the changes you made to your style.css. Easy way is to, on the right hand side of the bottom tab, click on the style.css line and just copy entire style.css over your old one in wp editor. (don’t forget to make a copy of it first). That won’t work for classes you have manually added, so you will have to copy them one by one.

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    What do you mean by update file? I always save it once I finish editing, and when I go to look at it, it is the very same even though my code is different….

    I tried that with Chrome, but when I copy/pasted and saved, it still looked the same…

    Don’t know what’s wrong. Try the following, go to your themes, activate default theme (twentyeleven), than change name of your theme folder to be just ‘mine’ instead of ‘Mine!’ (you can leave it in your style.css), refresh your dashboard and activate your theme again.


    I tried that and it didn’t work. :-/

    Now, things are even funkier. Erg. I think it might just be best for me to start over and try making a new one….

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    I just took a look at your link –
    and all I see is a blank page.

    Try this tutorial, it’s how i learnt to make templates.

    Christine, I’ve started working on something else, thus why it was blank.

    zex2911, Thank you sooo much for your help! I really appreciate it! I’ll check out that link…

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