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  • So for some odd reason all of the computers on our network are not displaying css for any wordpress page. Our journalism department uses wordpress for its website, but our adviser hasn’t been able to update her site since it loads only unstyled html. does the same thing, along with seemingly any wordpress webpage.

    For some reason loads perfectly normal.

    What’s the issue here? I even tried this on a windows laptop connected to our network and on a number of different browsers. It’s apparently only computers on this specific network that this happens to.

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  • Aggressive firewall? I had that happen to me when I was logged in at a hospital behind their firewall while my husband was there this past weekend. Besides taking forever to load, if I hit “refresh” sometimes it would load without the stylesheet, then it may load half the images, then the other half of the images, and sometimes if I was lucky, all the images. It was quite frustrating.

    Did someone make changes to your firewall recently?

    I don’t believe anyone edited the firewall settings, I think someone would have mentioned it to me, but I’ll ask when someone who would know gets back. Also I did forget to add that the images are failing to load as well.

    Are you on a Windows machine? Can you ping the site? Do a tracert on it? I know router issues are the devil to run down and it sounds likt there’s something not letting your network access the Internet.

    I’m on a Mac actually. I tried it on someone’s windows laptop connected to the network and it had the same issue.

    Also, I’m not in charge of the network here, the school’s IT guys are. I’m going to check other areas of campus and see if they’re having the issue as well.

    This happens with any WP site, regardless of where it is hosted?

    One thing that you might try: View source on a site not displaying properly and find the line that refers to the style.css. Copy/Paste that to your address and try and pull it. If everything is cool you’ll see the stylesheet. If not, you’ll get an error of some sort that might be helpful in diagnosing this.

    Yeah, even And I was trying to go on the Tom’s shoe website to order some new sneakers and it’s doing the same thing, guessing it’s a wordpress site.

    The error I get when typing the address for the css file is:

    Safari can’t open the page “” because Safari can’t connect to the server “”.

    Doesn’t seem very helpful.

    Well, since I can connect to that link but you can’t, I think you’re definitely back to needing to talk to your local network/firewall/proxy guys to see if they’re blocking or somehow blocking all wordpress sites.

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