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    Im on a custom theme and the css of the plugin doesnt load.

    Other plugins work ok so im a bit lost.

    In my theme header.php I have <?php wp_head(); ?> but on the page the css is not called at all! Other CSS from other plugins work ok.

    Cannt give URL but the HTML is ok:

    <div id=”ptp-23″ class=”ptp-pricing-table”>
    <div class=”ptp-col ptp-three-col ptp-col-id-0″>
    <div class=”ptp-not-most-popular”> </div>

    <div class=”ptp-item-container”>
    <div class=”ptp-plan”>IP-xxxxxx</div>
    <div class=”ptp-price”>$xxxxxx/mes</div>
    <div class=”ptp-bullet-item ptp-row-id-0″>xxxxxx</div>
    <div class=”ptp-bullet-item ptp-row-id-1″>xxxxxx</div>
    <div class=”ptp-bullet-item ptp-row-id-2″>xxxxxx</div>
    <div class=”ptp-bullet-item ptp-row-id-3″>xxxxxx</div>
    <div class=”ptp-bullet-item ptp-row-id-4″>xxxxxx</div>
    <div class=”ptp-bullet-item ptp-row-id-5″>xxxxxx</div>
    <div class=”ptp-bullet-item ptp-row-id-6″>xxxxxx</div>
    <div class=”ptp-bullet-item ptp-row-id-7″>xxxxxx</div>
    <div class=”ptp-cta”>




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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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