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  1. kchegwin
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hi there,

    This is my first post.

    I was wondering why my style.css was not linking to the archive sections of my page?

    It links to the main index page.

    Could someone help me..?

    my site


  2. whooami
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Im not sure I understand..

    Your style sheet is right here: http://nicholasridley.com/dev/wp-content/themes/Nickdev/style.css

    That is being applied at

    1. your front page @ http://www.nicholasridley.com/dev/

    2. an archives page here @ http://nicholasridley.com/dev/?m=200708

    3. a category page here @ http://nicholasridley.com/dev/?cat=3

    4. an about page @ http://nicholasridley.com/dev/?page_id=2

  3. kchegwin
    Posted 8 years ago #

    worked this out myself.

    I had to add tags to all the .php pages. my mistake thanks for you quick reply.

    Many thanks for your quick reply

  4. whooami
    Posted 8 years ago #

    could you mark this thread as resolved then please with the drop down box at the top of the post.

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