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  • Nice, I like it. Not sure about those crosshairs in the corners, seem a bit redundant. But it’s very easy on the eyes, and not too busy with text. Me likes.

    Mind sharing your secret of how you get the menu to highlight? Link? Guide 😛

    Btw, nice spaceship 😉


    The crop marks in the corners are just a little bit of extrat design to liven the page up. Afterall, what other blog/website has crop marks? (Of course, it’s just a matter of personal preference).

    I like the horizontal menu style because it makes the page layout simpler and more elegant, and it doesn’t take space away fromt the actual blog.

    I’m not sure what you mean about getting the menu to highlight. Do you mean a link hover?

    Well, I think it’s link hover – no I can get THAT working, what I can’t do is have the menu link highlighted. So if you click About, About is highlihted and everything else isn’t.

    I was going to say the corner marks are different, and if you feel it makes your site stand out (which it does in some repsects) then I guess it’s a good thing, and an individual thing. As I said, I like it anyway 🙂

    Ah, I seeâ€?so you’re talking about the tabs on the navigation up on the top? Check out this:

    Which tells you how to make a horizontal list like thatâ€?also, it tells you how to make the current link a different style than the rest of them (hence making a “tabbed” look).

    OK, the CSS to get a tab to look highlighted is no problem – but how did you put in the smarts with WordPress so that each page highlights the right tab? I have managed to do this using Pages and the wp_list_pages tag, but can’t seem to get it working once you get down into individual entries (e.g. I have a tab called ‘Archives’, which links to a main archives Page that I set up using the Archives template, but once I click on a month or category archive link then the tab highlighting gets lost)

    UPDATE: Found this post on the Binary Bonsai group helpful, and now have it sorted (although very manual in it’s application). I am using an ID applied to the body tag and have set up templates for each section. Had to modify the header.php file though and shift the <body> tag into the top of my new templates (and all the other pagtes that include the header.php file).

    I actually didn’t give WP the smarts to highlight each page. The menu tabs up by the header were added by me and are not apart of WordPress, or the WordPress menu.

    Very nice! and very easy on the eyes!


    Can you post the specifics on the horizontal menu tab-stay-lit thing. It’s awesome. I have it on my old static site but hadn’t figure out how to do it with the PHP code and tags in WordPress. So the specifics would be awesome. We can figure out how to do the horizontal menu, it’s the “active category” aspect that is fascinating!

    Great job!

    I like the design, but not so much the tomato color links.

    Lorelle –
    Check out the source code of the site, and you should be able to figure it out. For the tabbed-navbar on the site, I just slapped a few links together and formatted them with CSSâ€?so “Home”, “About”, etc. is just something I added to my index.php, and isn’t a part of wordpress. For the horizontal links and categories menu, I made a separate class dropped in the PHP code that called the links and categories and in the CSS I made the list style inline. Check out the source code and the css file, and you should be able to figure it out!

    Rori – Aww c’mon, everyone likes the color orange! 😉

    your footer doesnt line up on the portfolio page.
    Nice site tho.

    Thanks for spotting that out, it’s now fixed.

    slick design! *thumbs up*

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