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    Hello. I am new to everything. I have no formal knowlege of css or php or html or any of it. Nonetheless, I decided to play around with wp-layout.css for my site:
    I have been referring to the “wp-layout.css explained” tutorial by Nuclear Moose which has been a great help. But I am having a problem.
    My content is filling the whole width of the screen, and the menu comes in on top of it and covers up the text on the right. This problem does not seem to be browser specific (the same thing happens in Firefox and IE.) I’ve read two other posts here on similar but different issues but I was still unable to solve my problem.
    The only thing I have modified is wp-layout.css. I was hoping that someone might have a look, and tell me what bonehead newbie mistake I made. I’d certainly appreciate it.

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  • Thanks! That was easy.
    Another question though; the one you had me delete was below the line that says this:
    “/* This is the stylesheet modern browser will use to print your pages. */”
    Does the print stylesheet have to match the ‘on screen’ stylesheet? Just curious. I haven’t given much thought to how I’d want things to print out, so I hadn’t (at least I hadn’t intended,) to change anything in the print stylesheet.
    Thanks again.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Nope, it doesn’t – it was me not looking properly.
    The CSS has errors, and I suspect something had caused the browser to see the wrong one – which as deleting that above css worked must have been the case.

    OK. I fixed the css so it validates. And I deleted the whole ‘print’ section, as this was not in the basic wp-layout.css file. Apparently it showed up when I used ‘View CSS .’
    Anyway, all is well now. The site looks like I wanted it to; which is HUGE.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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