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  • I’ve been trying to port a simple website to wordpress today and I am nearly finished, though I have 2 problems atm.

    Problem 1:

    On my original website I have a submenu list that is aligned to the left inside its div. Simply it touches the left edge of the div.
    Now when I have made so it populates a list of submenus inside that div, they don’t align to the left anymore. If I draw a border I can clearly see that the div is placed completely to the left, the list’s border also shows that the list is to the left-most. But the items in the list is still as far of to the right in the “list field” they can be :/

    I have tried looking for changes in the css that have been made but I can’t find a damn thing. The list items still style correctly, it is just their location that is wrong.



    The shadow is the border of the div/list.

    Here is the css:

    I included css of the main div since the submenu is located inside it.
    I must have done something wrong o.O

    Problem 2:

    So I want to highlight/re-style the selected menu item, both in my submenu and in my main menu.

    I have checked and both menus output current_menu_item in the code when selected and so on. But the styling in the css won’t apply on them if I use the .current_menu_item. But if I use .current_page_item then it works. So I just want to know why the other doesn’t work and which I should use?

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  • Michael


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    please use a tool such as Firebug to investigate the formatting problems.

    formatting help is not within the main scope of this WordPress forum.

    without a link to your site to illustrate the problem, nobody would be able to help much, in any case.

    Oh well I have used that tool a lot of times, though until now I didn’t know about the layout tool 🙂

    Anyway, it said there was a 40px padding on the left, but I couldn’t find that padding anywhere in the css. But then I saw that there was a line at the top of the old css:

    * { padding: 0; margin: 0; }

    So I pasted that into the new and now it looks good again 🙂

    But does anyone happen to have an answer to my second question maybe?

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