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css link issue and extending sidebar

  • msdeadlines



    site is here: http://sankofasong.com

    FIRST issue:
    added a second sidebar that only displays on http://sankofasong.com/blog, http://sankofasong.com/archives and the single post pages of the blog category post. since adding the links in the body content and second (alternative-main) sidebar (not the ‘default’ main sidebar) add a light blue underline (or border?) to links … had previously added a custom stylesheet but this behavior did not appear until adding the second (alternative) sidebar.

    SECOND issue:
    am trying to figure out how to extend the second (alternative-main) sidebar the length of the page. in other words, http://sankofasong.com/blog the #F8EFFF (lavendar) background would extend the length of the content div …

    any help would be HUGELY appreciated!

    — joyce

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  • n2fisher


    I see you have figured out how to extend the sidebar down — any clues as to how you did it?



    Nevermind–figured it out .. for those who find this after me and are looking to do the same thing:

    I created an image that is my full width content with the sidebar image there, and added the following:

    #content {
    background:transparent url(img/sidebar.gif) repeat-y scroll 0 0 !important;

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