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  1. Captain Bogwash
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Weirdest thing ever, maybe someone else has seen this?

    Routine twentyeleven slight theme hack.

    1. Create child theme
    2. Populate style.css w/ Theme description etc. insert mandatory @importurl [etc]
    3. Insert various stanzas to modify appearance (header mainly just as a matter of accuracy)
    Now the default whitespace (which I tried to get rid of unsuccessfully) contains some of the PARENT style.css code as grey text.

    URL http://www.vikingraven.com/

    Regards & TIA for any Ideas and/or suggestions


  2. Captain Bogwash
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Followup on myself and for perpetuity

    While doing an earlier edit in header.php I accidentally pasted some css code (was interrupted by a phone call & lost concentration). I meant to do Ctrl+O ("save" in nano) but instead and like a real numpty, pasted then saved. Fat finger error in other words.

    The matter is resolved. I need to kick myself in the head.

    Fank ewe one 'n all.


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