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CSS layout help

  • Lookin to redesign my theme a bit.. and I’m a complete CSS layout newb. What I have was mostly generated by some wizard thingy I found.

    Below is what I have so far (just placeholders). Displays as intended in Firefox, but slightly off in IE — don’t know about any other browsers. I’m sure it’s something very simple, but I cant figure it out.


    “ads” and “headright” should be on the same line. The gray parts will both contain two pieces of my header image

    CSS: http://techakke.com/test/test.css

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  • hmm it just struck me that maybe I should make the gray header thing one big rectangle and overlap the purple “ads” box in the bottom left corner instead of making 3 separate divisions?

    Yeah, that’s probably the right way to do it (not that I know how, but can probably fig it out 🙂

    woohoo.. gettin there




    I know it stinks not getting any replys, I am new to this also. Hang in there Joe!



    Your best approach is to find a theme that best matches what you want and then begin modifying it. This will get you familiar with how and why a style sheet does what it does. Once you can master that, you can then move on to design your own.



    That is excellent advise Robert, that is exactly what I am going to do.

    Yeah, working on finding a good working 3-col now.. It’s pretty difficult getting em working correctly across browsers (which seems to be the consensus on the ol’ interweb 🙂 lots of hackin required)



    I am just trying for IE 6 and Firefox whatever latest build is, everyone else is just going to have to conform! lol

    Just found this post. There is a small but cool collection of CSS XHTML layouts at http://www.alanwho.com/web-development/css/7-css-xhtml-11-layouts. I have been using them a lot lately. The best 3 column liquid there is this one.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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