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  • Hi,

    my problem is as following:

    yesterday I updated to Version 2.2 from 2.1.3. Everything went well, no probs so far.

    Then I installed the plugin “Simple Tagging” to replace my “UTW”. Again everything went well, I was able to import the tags and implement it in the theme.

    Then I edited the tags, deleted some, and created new ones in the “manage tags” section. After that the whole CSS-Design went nuts, it fell completely apart, but curiously only in Firefox. The site showed no problems in IE6.

    I tried everything to repair it again: deactivated the plugin, deleted the implementation in the theme, even activated the normal WP-Theme, nothing.

    This is weird, I thought the blog-appearence is solely controlled by the activated theme?

    Only a restore of a backup of all files made it work again.

    Now I have 2.1.3 again, and this time when I try to update to 2.2, I get the error immediately.

    My theme is a heavely redisigned “cutline”-Theme.

    Is it possible that the msql-datebase got broke somehow? But then again a broken database can not create css-problems. Why does a change of the theme have no effect?

    I have no idea whats causing the error.

    Thank you for some hints.


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