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  • button witdth is excinding the sidebar width

    Plugin Author Igor Benic


    Hi @nanetto2, I am currently away so I can’t see what is causing it. Once I get home I’ll check. Maybe there is a conflict with css rules of the theme. I will see and fix it when I find what is causing it

    It’s ok thank you very much!

    I also would like understand if there is any way with your plugin to push a youtube video sharing, following this concept:

    video with the homepage link included > optin > Giveaway contest > link to video with the homepage link included

    Is there any adding feature you can create to do that? Some redirection + cookie or similar staff? The goal would be to push the youtube video virality for a funny video.

    I would also understand if you’re able to support an evergreen contest: reach 100 entries and you’ll get this prize.

    Thankx again.

    Plugin Author Igor Benic


    For the youtube part, I’ll have to look up for the Youtube API if there is a way to get the information back if the subscriber has shared or not.

    An evergreen contest is an interesting idea, I will include it in my notes and see to developing something like that in a future version of the plugin. That also gave me the idea to have something like first-to-reach X entries, will win.

    For the CSS issue, I have looked up at my CSS Code and I could not find anything that could cause that. Could share maybe the link if that is a live one so I can try to subscribe and see what is causing it?


    Yes, in my opinion, it would be much powerful if the result is not other entries at the contest of other people but, for example, the number of real visit to my website. In other words, i would like to leverage this contest plugin not to get more contest’s subscribers, but to get more virality to my website or, as asked above, to my youtube video. So i could annunce a contest to my leads to push my new product.

    Anyway, i suggest if possible an easy integration with aweber, mailchimp etc..

    Thank you very much!

    Really IMPORTANT! If i try to submit again the content filling the form with the same email, i have to be redirected to a stats page. Or, you have to provide a login page. The concept is that if a person already subscribed with a different device, he have to be able to recover his stats / url filling with his email.

    Another thing: it would be great if a person could share any page of my site sure that the referred entries will be tracked. Not only to the contest page, but url with variables have to works for any page. Not sure if i’m able to explain.


    Youtube shortcut idea:

    About sharing a youtube video, the system could be easier than to try working with api: users could share a website url ( A visitors download the referring cookie in this page; this page has an html delay redirection (10 ms?) that point to the youtube video. In this case, referring url is pointing to my website, but users will be driven to the youtube video i want to push. What do you think?

    Plugin Author Igor Benic


    Hi @nanetto2, I have seen your site and the css issue. I’ll look into adding the fix inside the plugin in the next release.

    This plugin operates as a regular giveaway where people have to enter to win. That is how it was designed. You can always enter in the description of a giveaway a link which will get them to the product or similar.

    The integration with MailChimp, Aweber and other services will be done in a future update but that is scheduled for the PRO version.

    You can only get to the stats page by following the link you have been emailed. It’s not possible to get to the stats page just by entering the email again. Then, you could randomly enter other emails and see the stats of other subscribers.

    I have to think about the Youtube feature as that was not planned at all. Other features are scheduled much prior so I have to focus more on that. But Youtube will be something I will think about.

    Plugin Author Igor Benic


    CSS has been now fixed and it should display correctly. Can you update to 2.2.3 and check?

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