• Hi there, if you have an iphone check out http://www.neato.me

    You can sort of replicate it by going to http://neato.me/?am_force_theme_layout=mobile

    But it doesn’t look exactly the same.

    My issue is when you select the categories menu that appears when you start scrolling down the page you can’t scroll the menu so you can only see the first few. Try moving down the page a bit, you will see Categories at the top – press it and try to scroll down you’ll see what I mean.

    I’ve been trying to figure it out for hours!! Any ideas?

    Thank you,

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  • What has happened is you have kept the menu in a position absolute mode, and the menu is lengthier than the normal screen size.

    The work around would be, decreasing the font size of the menu, decreasing the items on the menu, changing the position of the menu. Else using a scroll for the menu bar itself.

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