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  • Hello. This may already been asked, but oh well.
    If you look in Firefox, it looks correct. but in IE, its totally messed up, and I have no idea why. Dreamweaver says there is no problems with IE reading the doc, so its very fustrating.

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  • desk003,
    Trust me, EVERYTHING is screwed up in IE. 😉
    Let me have a look and I’ll see if I can find anything…I’m expert at hating IE; almost enough to turn into an Opera user…

    Well, I surrender. IE 6 is just FUBAR. Can I suggest a site which may help you with your three-column layout? Position Is Everything is a great resource for dealing with these problems. I wish I could help more, but my skill level is just not up to the task.
    I’m sure others will have a look at it and give you any suggestions that they may have.

    Micrusuft’s IE doesn’t follow standards. You have to see a part of your code that IE does not support.

    NuclearMoose, Thanks for the site, I’ll look there.
    prara, I’m not sure what exactly you mean by “You have to see a part of your code that IE does not support.”

    I met a css syntax once that Konqueror does not support yet. I think that goes with IE.

    I have just published the screen shots of my own validated blog; from the full line up of browsers. It is not pretty but I am not embarrassed to show them. By all means have a look. You are not alone.

    Relax, most WordPress users wouldn’t touch IE with a bargepole, and if any of your readers still use it its your job to convince them otherwise 😉

    Heck, once they have seen my screenies I hope they wont need much convincing. Thanks for visiting.

    Hah, Good shots root. I’d make em bigger though. Yeah, Ive decided to forget it and just make it look best i can and oh well.

    Heck, I switched to Firefox just because of this forum. 🙂

    speaking of browsers, when i design a layout, which browsers should i view them in to make sure it looks good? opera, IE, firefox? Anything else?

    i’d also check on the mac too. sometimes macs and pcs display diffrent.

    Okay. I said i gave up on making IE make it look right. but it also looks bad in safari. so I NEED to make it look good, PLEASE anyone, help. I’m so freaking pissed at this thing.
    Thanks in advance

    FireFox forever! Download your copy now:

    thats what i say, but some people just wont switch. Damn M$ Lubbers.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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